Thursday, 2 May 2013

Unchained melody

Ghost is undeniably one of the best 90's films, so when Charlotte from told me that the cinema in the Printworks were screening it at night I knew we had to go. I made sure to wear waterproof mascara and it's a good job I did as I cried at three points during the film! Is it just me or does the music just set everyone off? Especially at the end where Patrick Swayze's soul is freed and the (now very dated) CGI purple mist is shining down and unchained melody starts playing. I was truly a hot mess. There was the usual number of... odd characters on the Met but we had a really good night, there's nothing quite like Galaxy minstrels at the cinema. 

Sorry about the rushed outfit picture, I wore my Topshop crop top with high waisted black leggings and my new Topshop textured biker jacket. On my feet i wore my favourite Topshop Aphrodite lace up cut out boots to fit in with the biker theme. I didn't feel like jewellery so I just wore my silver Casio watch.

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