Sunday, 27 April 2014

London calling

Cardigan - H&M
Cami - Topshop
Coated Leigh jeans - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Phone case - Etsy

Hi guys, sorry I've been a little MIA recently, AS exams are fast approaching! Instead of spending the whole Easter break revising however, me and my best friend Charlotte decided to take a day out to visit the capital.

We quite literally shopped until we dropped and walked 11 miles in total, a result of refusing to pay for the tube to ensure we could afford a MAC blush... (Our parents question our priorities)

Covent garden, Oxford street and Piccadilly Circus are amongst the destinations we stumbled upon on on ramblings so overall I feel like we saw quite a lot considering we walked everywhere. At the end of the day we were unbelievably tired and my expression resembled that of my Kim Kardashian phone case so we welcomed the warmth and comfort of Pizza Express, as well as their chocolate fudge cake which was amazing.

Here is a quick changing room outfit photo taken in H&M. I really need to buy a cardigan but its something I always put off doing for some reason even though I would wear it very often. Why is that? Oh and a quick side note, MAC studio fix fluid lasted from 5:30 AM until 11:30PM with no touch ups whatsoever, if anyone is looking for a hardcore foundation then this is the one!

For a full account of our trip and to find out what is in the mysterious bag near my feet check out the post on our joint blog:

Grace xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Collection And Swatches

 L-R: Pigments: Vanilla, Golden olive
Eyeshadows: Top: Texture, Heaux, Carbon, Middle: Kid, Cranberry, Woodwinked, Bottom: Honeylust
Heaux, Honeylust, Texture

Top - Bottom
Texture, Honeylust, Heaux, Cranberry, Woodwinked, Kid

With flash, Last three swatches are Carbon (I know -_-) Golden olive, Vanilla

On the whole I am a huge fan of MAC shadows for their amazing pigmentation and huge range of shades. I have been trying to build up my collection over the last couple of years, at the moment I own Heaux purple grey (Satin) Kid, Light warm beige (Veluxe) and Texture, a Warm orange brown (Velvet) These shades are my favourite blending and crease colours. I also use texture across the lid quite a bit as it really makes green eyes pop.

The shimmery shades I own are Honeylust, a warm gold glitter (Lustre finish) This shade is stunning when used wet alone or over Woodwinked (Veluxe pearl) which will forever be one of my favourites. Cranberry (Frost) makes a nice change from neutral shadows and is perfect for Autumn/Winter smokey eyes.

The pigments were 'borrowed' off my mum, I think they came out in one of the holiday collections? Unfortunately I am still mourning the loss of Tan pigment, which met its tragic end on the bathroom tiles *cries* Golden olive is a beautiful shade and the name is pretty self explanatory, I don't really find myself reaching for this shade though as green smokey eyes isn't a look I do often. Vanilla is similar to NARS Albatross in colour except Vanilla is much more glittery. This pigment makes a gorgeous highlight either on the inner corner or the tops of the cheekbones for a dramatic glow.

Finally can we just talk about what the hell is going on with Carbon, this is my least favourite from MAC, instead of being a pigmented black as the name suggests, this comes off as a dirty grey/green colour. I have seen black eyeshadows that put Carbon to shame from Urban Decay and even Sleek!

I hope you enjoyed this review, Let me know what your favourite MAC eyeshadows are.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Forever 21 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are something I rarely buy as the British weather doesn't often provide enough sunshine to justify wearing them. However I was inspired by American Horror Story Coven to start wearing sunglasses more often because they just look fabulous and who gives a crap whether its hot enough.
These three pairs were all £4.90 from Forever 21 which is a price I am willing to pay, compared with the likes of Topshop who were charging around £18. The quality is really good and all three pairs suit my face which is something I struggle with when choosing sunglasses.
The first pair are in the flat top style and have blue and clear ombre frames. I really like these for a casual look as they add a sporty feel to an outfit.
The second pair are cat eye and incredibly over-sized. I will admit that I do bear a slight resemblance to a fly in these sunglasses but they are undoubtedly a statement piece. I love pairing these with a red lip for a retro look.
The final pair are these mirrored aviators, I was torn between the blue and yellow, both of which were really nice but I decided to opt for the yellow as it seems like everyone and their cat has blue mirrored sunglasses. These also produce that enticing fly-like appeal but I do really love these for casual looks. They look great paired with a leather jacket too.
Let me know your favourite style of sunglasses...