Friday, 1 November 2013


In a recent Cheshire Oaks CCO haul I picked up two lipsticks from the MAC Temperature rising collection. The bronze packaging has a velvet matte feel similar to the Nars packaging which I like as it feels luxurious.

Feel my pulse is a cremesheen finish and a gorgeous violet magenta shade. A lot of celebrities have been rocking a purple lip this season and I was particularly inspired by a picture of Khloe Kardashian. I already owned Rebel lipstick however Rebel definitely leans more red whereas feel my pulse is a true violet. Despite this being quite an intimidating shade in the bullet I am excited to experiment with this lipstick!

This is such a beautiful bold shade of violet and I can see this becoming my go to statement lip for Fall!

Altered beige is a beige nude with a Lustre finish and gives a beautiful sheer wash of colour to the lips. This is a really flattering nude that would suit a wide range of people and doesn't give the 'foundation lip' look.

As you can see from the swatch, Altered beige is a very sheer shade, however this complements a dramatic eye look without washing out the complexion.


With the promise of an All saints outlet and a CCO, we decided to make the journey to Cheshire Oaks and despite nearly an hour in the car and getting lost it was definitely worth the trek!
In all saints I found the silk biker vest I'd been wanting for as long as I can remember for £10 with only a minor defect and an additional 30% discount off the marked price! It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up and as I hunted through the rails I came across this gorgeous hand embellished top reduced to £10 from £195! I was shocked at what a good deal I got and couldn't believe I got £230 worth of clothes for just £17.

From CCO I got two MAC lipsticks from the temperature rising collection. I have an upcoming blog post on these lipsticks so stay tuned!

Arctic Monkey's Concert

The Arctic Monkeys are probably my favourite band of all time and so I was beyond excited to be seeing them live at the Liverpool Echo arena on Monday night.
The anticipation for the Arctics was built up by the supporting act The Strypes who weren't great in my opinion. Far too shouty for my liking with a lot of excessive and unnecessary jumping around. The crowd were not particularly receptive to the Strypes with the exception of one avid fan-girl who was very enthusiastically dancing on her own.
It was such a fantastic night, the sound in the venue was amazing and the band were really good live. Alex Turner is undeniably hot so that's also a bonus! The set list was perfect, the only thing missing was fake tales of San Francisco. My favourite part of the gig was when they played 'dancing shoes' and everyone went crazy!

OOTN: Concert outfit

Here is what I wore to the Arctic Monkey's gig in Liverpool on Monday, excuse the messy background, I was in a rush!
I layered a cut off tartan shirt over a distressed biker style vest to add a grunge twist to the glamorous faux fur coat which turned out to be a lifesaver, we queued outside the arena for nearly an hour in the freezing cold! The biker boots help to toughen up the look while the necklace adds a bit of detail.

Boots - Topshop
Shorts - eBay
Vest top - Topshop
Shirt - New look
Necklace - H&M
Coat - River Island

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What I'm listening to...

Lana Del Rey Born to die (Paradise edition)
This month I have been getting back into Lana Del Rey's paradise album. I kept this album on repeat last summer and I recently re-discovered it. Lana creates a unique persona through her music of a morbid, retro-americana beauty queen. I will admit the image she portrays is hardly a role model for modern feminism however I really do love this album.

Top 5 songs:
1) Gods and monsters
2)This is what makes us girls
3) Radio
5)Without you

Arctic Monkeys AM
I am so excited to be seeing the Arctics at Liverpool echo next Monday and this album has been playing on repeat. The sound of the album is different to their previous work and I do feel that the clever lyrics have taken a back seat to commercialism  However I like almost anything the Arctic Monkeys do!

Top 5 songs:
1)R U Mine?
2)Do i wanna know?
4)Why'd you only call me when your high?
5)Snap out of it

Kings of Leon Mechancial Bull
I fell in love with KOL when I listened to their first album. They make the perfect music for rainy days and car journeys and I've really been liking Mechanical Bull lately.The bridge in tonight is insane!

Top 5 songs:
2)Don't matter
4)Comeback story
5)On the chin

Truly Madly Deeply at Urban Outfitters Tee Shirts

Recently I've been doing a lot of online browsing as I feel my wardrobe is seriously lacking in the tee-shirt department. I fell in love with nearly all of the Truly Madly Deeply tee shirts on the Urban Outfitter's website as they have a cool rock/metal feel to them, punk fashion being a huge trend this Winter. 

I will admit I am often guilty of wearing head to toe black but these tee shirts would add detail and instant style to any outfit. They would look great with leather pants and some chunky statement jewellery!

Here are my top picks of the Truly Madly Deeply tops:

Also this month I've been addicted to the app Wanelo where you can create wishlists of products you like and follow your favourite stores. I've been utilising this app regularly after Wantworthy was shut down which I am devastated about!

My Wanelo is gcottrell55 -