Thursday 12 May 2016


Colourpop Jellies Ulta Matte Liquid Lipstick

You have to be pretty secure in your friendship in order to buy your best friend a blue lipstick and know that she'll appreciate it. Charlotte bought me Colourpop Jellies for my birthday and I'm obsessed. The formula is not as drying as many other liquid lipstick formulas I have tried, namely the Stila Stay All Day and the NYX MATTE LINGERIE LIQUID LIPSTICKS oh my.... they are horrendous do not buy into the hype. My mum recommended that I remove one of the shades after wearing it for two hours, whilst my housemate told me that I looked 'crusty'. Sad. 

This shade of blue is so flattering and surprisingly wearable, The coverage is also nicely opaque which is a must for a blue lip, unlike Mac Matte Royal lipstick which was patchy as hell and eventually sold on Depop. I can't wait to wear this to Wireless this summer!

Friday 5 February 2016

Ilamasqua Berber Pigment and Zala Hair Extensions

Red eyeshadow is something I would have previously associated with the mad hatter, 90's goth and general illness. However I have been collecting the Illamasqua pure pigments which have by far the best formula I have tried. Berber is a shade that I swatched every time I went into Selfridges but never bought, my mum bought it me for Christmas and I have been obsessed with it ever since.
Berber is a dark red copper shade but definitely more red than orange, with stunning fine glitter particles similar to those in the Ore pigment.

Red smokey eyes are now one of my favourite staple looks, being dramatic and glamorous yet more edgy than the standard brown or black smokey eye.

My extensions from Zala Hair, an Australian extensions brand  are my pride and joy. I'm like a proud show pony with all the wefts in, they're the only extension brand I found that have a shade light enough to match my white hair and the best part about these extensions is that they are a true white pearl shade with silver undertones - hence no toning required! I would highly recommend this brand as the customer service team are incredibly helpful - being an idiot I ordered the 16 inch set trying to be cheap, before realising that my hair is nearly waist length....

Hope life is going well for you - side note pls try Ben and Jerrys Dough-ble impact core. As my housemate said it makes every moment of living before its discovery 'fade into irrelevance.'