Sunday, 2 August 2015

OOTD: Harley Davidson tee and suede riding pants

So I'm aware that I have been very MIA from this blog for a while now - which I will mostly blame on A-level exams, however, laziness was also a key factor.

 I've started that stage of the summer where you decide to give yourself a life makeover and begin to deep clean your room, only to find that it is beyond saving and could do with being burnt down and rebuilt sims-style. This stage also involves a searching and meaningful evaluation of your personal style as you realise that you have been living in pyjamas or in my case - sleeping in and wearing the same pair of jeans for over a week.

I have decided to make a style mood board to inspire me again which I will be posting on this blog. In the meantime, here is an OOTD from last week. I have an obsession with collecting biker tee shirts and statement necklaces so this look is one I wear often. The vintage red Harley tee was bought off Depop and goes so well with MAC Viva glam 1 which happens to be my new favorite red!

The riding pants are a little difficult to see so apologies for the quality (impromptu iPhone photoshoot) but they're basically high-waisted brown suede leggings. The coin necklace is from Aliexpress and was around £3 but I have seen it on Shop Dixi and Depop for a lot more.

Hope you're having a good summer and here's to new beginnings!