Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Well I am sad to say there has been no snow this year, but despite the last minute present panic and the decorations being mauled by mice it all pulled together in the end. Here is a list of the things i got:

  • Free standing punch bag and pink boxing gloves:  boxing post here
  • Nars deep throat blush
  • MAC cranberry eyeshadow
  • Benefit so hooked on carmella perfume
  • Lancome Hypnose star mascara
  • Real techniques core collection
  • Real techniques eye collection
  • Topshop tee shirts
  • Mini Britney Spears believe perfume
  • Batman dark knight rises DVD
  • Tangled DVD
  • Avon supershock gel liner and mascara set
  • Fairy lights and a snowglobe for my room
  • Money for clothes
  • FOOD
Overall a really great christmas even with no snow, apart from revising for January exams which is not fun. As usual i have consumed what is probably an unsafe amount of chocolate but ah well... I have full reviews coming up on all the makeup items i got for christmas and maybe some wardrobe posts aswell, we shall see

'How did you get so tough?'

So as part of my new years resolution I have decided to do more exercise and i think this is an achievable resolution and not one i will drop after 2 days because for Christmas my parents bought me a free standing punch bag and pink boxing gloves! I know, very Paris Hilton legally blonde but boxing is great exercise and also stress relief. It improves co-ordination, agility, muscle tone and overall fitness. So with all that said I am going to enrol in a boxercise class at my local gym and start practising at home. Bikini season may seem  a long way off but it's best to have a head start

2013 Resolutions

So this is my mood board for 2013, I NEED TO GO BACK TO BLONDE. My caramel hair was nice while it lasted but I can't deny that am a blonde at heart so my quest to return to a blonde bombshell begins.

I am also on the hunt this year for my HG foundation, i have tried so many foundations over the years and still haven't found a foundation that lasts all day, stays matte, is the right colour match and not cakey. Is that too much to ask? 

Fashion wise my resolution is to de-scale my wardrobe to make way for more clothes that I will actually wear to create a Gok Wan style capsule wardrobe... well slightly bigger but you get the picture.  I will be ruthless in sifting through the mountain of clothes i have accumulated because i always end up keeping things 'just in case' or because i feel bad but my style has evolved a lot over the past 5 years. 11 year old rock chick progressed to Emo then the style rebound to flowery dresses in the English rose stage, then to skater-girl and now i have reached a point where i buy what i like regardless of whether it fits a certain look. However my wardrobe does consist of mainly monochrome and neutrals with a lot of PU leather.

 My other resolution for 2013 is to get healthy, once Christmas is over and done with you realise in horror the amount of crap you've consumed over the holiday ( Lindt reindeer for breakfast anyone?) so i have equipped my room for a post-Christmas health kick. Happy new year everyone, bring on 2013!