Friday, 1 November 2013

Arctic Monkey's Concert

The Arctic Monkeys are probably my favourite band of all time and so I was beyond excited to be seeing them live at the Liverpool Echo arena on Monday night.
The anticipation for the Arctics was built up by the supporting act The Strypes who weren't great in my opinion. Far too shouty for my liking with a lot of excessive and unnecessary jumping around. The crowd were not particularly receptive to the Strypes with the exception of one avid fan-girl who was very enthusiastically dancing on her own.
It was such a fantastic night, the sound in the venue was amazing and the band were really good live. Alex Turner is undeniably hot so that's also a bonus! The set list was perfect, the only thing missing was fake tales of San Francisco. My favourite part of the gig was when they played 'dancing shoes' and everyone went crazy!

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