Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What I'm listening to...

Lana Del Rey Born to die (Paradise edition)
This month I have been getting back into Lana Del Rey's paradise album. I kept this album on repeat last summer and I recently re-discovered it. Lana creates a unique persona through her music of a morbid, retro-americana beauty queen. I will admit the image she portrays is hardly a role model for modern feminism however I really do love this album.

Top 5 songs:
1) Gods and monsters
2)This is what makes us girls
3) Radio
5)Without you

Arctic Monkeys AM
I am so excited to be seeing the Arctics at Liverpool echo next Monday and this album has been playing on repeat. The sound of the album is different to their previous work and I do feel that the clever lyrics have taken a back seat to commercialism  However I like almost anything the Arctic Monkeys do!

Top 5 songs:
1)R U Mine?
2)Do i wanna know?
4)Why'd you only call me when your high?
5)Snap out of it

Kings of Leon Mechancial Bull
I fell in love with KOL when I listened to their first album. They make the perfect music for rainy days and car journeys and I've really been liking Mechanical Bull lately.The bridge in tonight is insane!

Top 5 songs:
2)Don't matter
4)Comeback story
5)On the chin

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