Sunday, 12 May 2013

Shoe love

I thought I'd share with you my four fiercest pairs of shoes which also happen to be my favourites.

First are a pair of Jeffrey Campbell spiked lita dupes that I picked up from a little shop in the Arnedale for £30 which is a fraction of the £80 to £150 price tag for the originals!

The next pair of shoes is my topshop Aphrodite cut out lace up boots, these are so comfy and the silver hardware detailing is really eye catching. I also love that the heel is cut out so you can show off your socks!

The third pair of shoes are these wedge buckle up sandals from office that I bought off eBay for £10 I love these as they look insane and you can adjust them to fit perfectly

Finally these are my H&M wedges I have had for about a year now and they were my first pair of high shoes that my mother questioned my ability to walk in but they are actually really comfy and I find I can walk and dance in them for hours without any pain. However the same cant be said for those Lita dupes! Ah well they say pain is beauty.


  1. I love those shoes ;)
    they are awesome!