Monday, 17 February 2014

Tresemme Keratin Smooth: The worst shampoo I have ever tried...?

Judging by the title you can tell this is not going to be a positive review of this product, however as there are countless blog entries raving about must-have beauty items I thought I would share my views on a few things that I definitely would not recommend, starting with this shampoo.

What the product claims to do:
The new TRESemme Keratin Smooth range restores Keratin and replenishes hair to make it smoother and easier to style. The lower sulphate conditioner is suitable for use even after a salon keratin treatment*. Stay salon smooth with up to 48 hours of frizz control.

Tresemme Keratin Shampoo gently cleanses and restores Keratin.
Formulated without sodium chloride to prolong the results of a salon keratin treatment.
Right. Let me start off by describing my hair type for you, I have colour treated, long, thick, very wavy hair that gets frizzy easily. I took a break from dying my hair in order to restore it to a good condition and purchased this shampoo thinking that it would help, after all, it does promise up to 48 hrs of frizz control.
However after using this shampoo my hair felt very dry, even after using my regular conditioner and a Tresemme leave in conditioner. I allowed my hair to dry naturally overnight and woke up to find my hair even more of a tangled mess than usual! My curls were not defined like they usually are when I leave my hair to air dry and the texture of my hair was extremely dry. After using this product my hair felt worse than it had done after I tried to go platinum blonde on a whim.
This result was not only experienced by myself but my mum and sister also used this shampoo and complained that their hair was dried out, damaged and impossible to brush.
This product may work for those who have naturally straight, non-frizzy hair despite the claims on the packaging, however I suggest anyone with even a slight natural wave to steer clear of this shampoo unless you want to resemble Hermione Granger circa Chamber of secrets at best.
Has anyone else tried this product? xx


  1. Thank you for linking me to your review. It's funny because that review of the shampoo is my most popular blog post of ALL time! Which is hilarious as it was one of my first, and not my best. I don't know why it's raved about so much, it's really rubbish to put it bluntly.


    Gemma //

  2. Agreed! In generally Tresemme never works for my hair. That shampoo was disappointing!
    Nice blog x

  3. Cheers for the linkage, not sure why it worked for my hair and not yours, mine's bleached to death, thicker than Joey Essex and curly (frizzy now due to my choice of haircut). I think the hair mask is probably the best thing to come from the keratin range, as keratin can end up eating your hair if you overdose your locks with it.

  4. Worked well for my African American locks...and that's saying something. I also use the 7 day straight serum.

  5. I tried it few years ago and i think that its just not good for wavy hair types. It really made my hair oily and my waves became a mess