Sunday, 9 February 2014

Liebster Award 2

I have been nominated for the Liebster award by the gorgeous Mehreen. As most of you will know the Liebster award is designed to promote upcoming blogs. Here are my answers to Mehreen's questions:

1. What's your favourite skin care product?
I often find skincare products to do the opposite of what they claim to do, however I love the Good things skincare range particularly the creamy cleanser and the mattifying moisturiser.

2. If you could be any celebrity for the day, who would it be?
Ooh this is a hard one, I'd have to go for Kim Kardashian I know a lot of people dislike her but seriously, married to Kanye West and having Mario Dedivanovic as your makeup artist?!

3. What's the best present you've received?
The best present I've received would have to be NARS albatross hilighter, a Christmas gift from my best friend Charlotte. This product is a game changer when it comes to creating flawless, glowing skin and I couldn't be without it!

4. What's your favourite designer?
My favourite designer would have to be Alexander Wang as his designs are minimal and wearable yet have a futuristic edge.

5. If you could choose one make up company to work with, who would it be?

Its a tough decision between MAC and NARS but the deciding factor would be the huge range of products available at MAC and the exciting new collections being launched.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In 5 years time I hope to be graduating university, hopefully I will have moved out and I plan to build my blog! I then hope to go into a fashion or beauty related career.

7. What's your favourite online shopping website?
I love Sheinside but the shipping takes ages!

8. What book have you read recently, and enjoyed?
I have recently read 'The beautiful and the damned' by Scott Fitzgerald after studying 'The Great Gatsby' in English Literature. I love Fitzgerald's descriptive style and the unconventional romance storyline.

9. How did you think of your blog name?
I have a keen interest in fashion and wanted my blog to reflect that, I also have a huge stack of Vogue magazines in my room that are undeniably inconvinent yet I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I find myself being drawn to the sea and I find the beach a very tranquil and relaxing setting.

10. Tea or coffee?
Neither! I love the smell of coffee but I am not a fan of the taste, I tried to join the green tea bandwagon but it just tastes odd.

11. What's your favourite beauty product at the moment?
My favourite beauty product would have to be MAC Kid eye-shadow, this shade looks very non-descript in the pan but it makes the perfect transition colour for any smokey eye whether it be black or bronze.

My questions:
1) Favourite restaurant dish?
2) Favourite makeup artist?
3) The one thing you cant stop buying...?
4) Dream travel destination?
5) A culture you are interested in...?
6) Favourite fashion show SS14
7) Major plans for the year...?
8) Most visited high street store?
9) Favourite song?
10) Celebrity style icon?
11) Favourite blog?

Bloggers chosen:

  1. Sophie
  2. Amber
  3. Isley
  4. Sarah
  5. Nelly
  6. Christina
  7. ApartmentNo87
  8. Vivian
  9. Jules
  10. Saskia
  11. Liv


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  2. Super cool!
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